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Product name: Rocaltrol
Dosages: 0.25mcg
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Rocaltrol refers to the most important vitamin D3 active metabolites. Preparation promotes absorption of calcium in intestine, and regulates the bone mineralization. Medicine’s key role in the calcium metabolism regulation, consisting in stimulating osteoblast skeleton activity is reliable pharmacological base for therapeutic action at osteoporosis. In patients with renal osteodystrophy Rocaltrol 250 mcg 90 pills (synthetic calcitriol) normalizes decreased calcium absorption in the intestines, eliminates hypocalcemia, increased levels of alkaline phosphatase and parathormone in the serum. It reduces pain in bones, eliminates histologic changes that generally occur in fibrous osteitis and other violations of mineralization. In patients with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism medication reduces hypocalcemia. For humans with vitamin-D dependent rachitis calcitriol concentration in serum is low or possibly completely absent. Taking into account the inefficient endogen synthesis of calcitriol in kidneys drug’s reception can be considered in these patients as substitution therapy. Dose is picked individually, depending on the amount of calcium in the blood serum. A necessary condition for optimal efficiency of therapy is sufficient, but not excessive intake of calcium with food at the beginning of treatment. People generally buy Rocaltrol online at renal osteodystrophy genesis, hypocalcemia on the background of hypoparathyroidism including postoperative and idiopathic, vitamin D-resistant rachitis, osteoporosis, tetany.

Generic name: Calcitriol
Brand name: Rocaltrol

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