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Product name: Seroquel
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Seroquel is a strong neuroleptic mainly known as atypical antipsychotic medical agent. The main active ingredient is Quetiapine. This preparation manifests higher affinity to the serotonin receptors (5HT2) than to the dopamine ones (D1 and D2) of the individual’s brain. This substance also possesses more expressed affinity to the histamine and alpha1- adrenergic receptors and less affinity for relation to the alpha2-adrenoreceptors. In standard situations this matter manifests a high antipsychotic activity. The cheapest realizing form is Seroquel 100mg 120 pills. This medication is generally allocated for the medical cure of acute and chronic psychosis (including the illness of schizophrenia), several maniacal episodes in structure of bipolar distribution and different other negative conditions of the central nervous system. Mainly these medicines are applied as monotherapy for treating of some sicknesses. But under the schizophrenia this drug can be taken as additional remedy to the main therapy by other officinal preparations for improving of treatment’s quality. This drug cannot be used under the heightened apprehensibility to one of the components, child’s age till eighteen years old, period of lactation and gestation and so on. It is followed to take this medicant with care under several cardiovascular sicknesses, arterial hypertension and some other conditions tied together with these illnesses. You can buy Seroquel online in any time you have not leaved your home. You can also purchase other preparations for improving your mental health and for treatment of some nervous sicknesses.

Generic name: Quetiapine
Brand name: Seroquel, Ketipinor, Qutipin

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