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Product name: Sinequan
Dosages: 10mg 25mg 75mg
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Sinequan relates to the medicamental class well-known as tricyclic antidepressants. The main active substance of this medication is Doxepin. This matter together with other additional substances possess by complex action – mainly anti depressing, anti panic (anxiolytic), anaesthetized of central effect, moderate anti ulcerous, anti itching and so on. For account of high affineness to the M-cholinergic receptors this drug renders the central and peripheral cholinergic blocking action; it also renders the sedative and alpha-adrenergic blocking effects, slows down the inward stomach conductivity in middle dosages and under the heightening of doses it can call the powerful damages of cardiac rhythm and conductivity and sometimes the heart stopping. Sinequan 75mg 90 pills improve the patient’s mood, remove the apathy, and diminish the anxiety and alarm, panic and depressing manifestations and so on. This medicaments is chiefly taken for the treatment of all kinds of slump, panic disarrays with symptoms of depression and anxiety, organic neurosis associated with insomnia, depressed and troubled conditions under the alcoholism, depression and anxious conditions associated with somatic discomposures and sicknesses, slump accompanied by uneasiness and anxieties on the background of psychosis, bipolar diseases, involutional depressions and depressed states of bipolar discomposures and so on. Every patient with nervous disarrays can buy Sinequan online and other antidepressants pharmacy without any prescriptions.

Generic name: Doxepin
Brand name: Sinequan, Aponal, Doxin, Doneurin, Deptran, Quitaxon, Mareen, Xepin, Spectra, Sinepin.

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