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Product name: Spiriva
Dosages: 9mcg
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Generic Spiriva 9mcg + FREE BONUS PILLS
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Spiriva is a broncholinic preparation and a blocker of M-cholinoreceptors with prolonged action. The main active matter is Tiotropium bromide. It is a specific anti cholinergic remedy with long-lasting result possessed by the affinity with all subtypes of the muscarinic receptors (from M1 till M5). You can order the most widespread this medication’s dosage and realizing form in view of Spiriva 18 mcg 4 packs. This preparation is used in quality of supported therapy by the patients with chronic obstructive lungs illness (COLS) including the chronic bronchitis and emphysema (supported treatment under the preserved breathlessness and for the prevention of disease’s sharpening). The remedy considerably brings down the frequency of COLS intensifications and increases the period till moment of the first intensification by the comparison with placebo. The medicant significantly makes better the quantity of your life that is observed during all period of medical cure with this medicament. If you have chronic obstructive lungs sickness and some short breath you can appeal to our internet-service and buy Spiriva online without any physicians’ prescriptions.


Generic name: Spiriva
Brand name: Tiotropium bromide

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