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Product name: Sporanox
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Sporanox refers to synthetic antifungal agents. Preparation is triazole derivative which inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol cell membrane of fungi. Remedy is active against yeasts Candida spp., fungi. The effectiveness of treatment is estimated at 2-4 weeks after cessation of therapy (in mycosis), 6-9 months – with onychomycosis (nail as change). Maximum bioavailability of medicine is marked at reception immediately after a meal. After a single dose Cmax plasma levels is achieved after 3-4 hours. With prolonged use of stable concentration of medication in plasma is reached after 1-2 weeks. With the plasma proteins bound 99.8% of the active substance. It is possible to purchase Sporanox 100 mg 64 pills and other tablets with low price in Internet chemists shop. Medication is distributed in various body tissues, the concentration in the lungs, kidneys, bone, stomach, liver, spleen, skeletal muscle is higher in 2-3 times of the medicament’s concentration in blood plasma. Therapeutic concentration in the skin is maintained for one month after stopping the 4-week course of therapy. You should take it under vulvovaginal candidiasis, mycosis of the mouth, skin, eyes, systemic mycoses including also systemic aspergillosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis, paracoccidioidomycosis, blastomycosis. Patients with symptomatic ventricular dysfunction, liver disease should not use these drug’s tablets. If sick people buy Sporanox online it is necessary to talk to a doctor before.

Generic name: Itraconazole
Brand name: Canditral, Candistat, Itracon, Sempera

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