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Product name: Starlix
Dosages: 60mg 120mg
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Starlix is a peroral hypoglycemic medicamental remedy which is a derivative of phenylalanine. The main active component is Nateglinide. By its chemical and pharmacological properties this medication is differed from other hypoglycemic preparations. The drug restores the early secretion of insulin that mainly brings to the diminishing of post prandial concentration of glucose in blood and level of glycated hemoglobin. Under the influence of the main active substance which was applied till eating, it happens the restoration of early (or the first) phase of insulin secretion. The mechanism of this phenomenon consists in quick and reversible interaction of the main active component with ATP-depended channels of beta-cells in the prostate gland. The selectivity of the main substance in relation to the ATP-depended channels of beta-cells in the prostate gland in three hundred times surpasses such one in relations to the channels of heart and vessels. The medication calls the expressed secretion of insulin in levels the first fifteen minutes after food applying and this case it is enlarged the concentration of glucose in blood. People usually order and purchase Starlix 120mg 90 pills as the most widely-distributes packs. This medicamental remedy can be employed under diabetes mellitus (insulin depended) if the dietary therapy and physical loading are noneffective (in view of monotherapy or in combination with other hypoglycemic preparations). Nowadays you may buy Starlix online through the best pharmacies all over the country.

Generic name: Nateglinide
Brand name: Fastic, Starlix, Starsis, Glunat, Glinate, Trazec

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