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Product name: Zantac
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Zantac is an anti ulcerous medicamental remedy which relates to the group of antagonists of the histamine H2-receptors. The main active component is Ranitidine. This matter selectively blocks the histamine H2-receptors of parietal cells in stomach’s mucous membrane and often suppresses the hydrochloric acid separation. The anti secretory action of this preparation has some favourable conditions for healing of stomach and duodenum’s ulcers. The medication heightens the protective factors in some tissues of gastroduodenal area; it strengthens the reparative processes, improves the micro circulation and increases the discharge of mucous substances. Zantac 150mg 120 pills are generally taken for treating of ulcerous sickness of stomach and duodenum in stage of sharpening; for preventive measures of ulcerous illness sharpening; some symptomatic ulcers, erosive esophagitis, and reflux-esophagitis (inflammation of gullet conditioned by fouling of stomach containing to the esophagus); Zollinger-Ellison syndrome; prevention of different lesions in upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract and in post operative period; preventive measures of aspiration of gastric juice (hit of gastric juice to the breathing passages) in sick persons who have the operation under anaesthetic and so on. The contra indications include pregnancy, breast-feeding, heightened apprehensibility to this preparation, children till fourteen years old, some sicknesses of kidneys and liver and many others. Every patient may buy Zantac online in our medicamental portal finding the cheapest medicines right now.

Generic name: Ranitidine
Brand name: Monorin, Ranitil, Zantac, Histac

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