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Product name: Zetia
Dosages: 10mg
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Zetia covers to lipid-lowering means for oral administration. This preparation selectively inhibits the absorption of cholesterol and some plant sterols in the intestine. The mechanism of action of is different from other classes of lipid-lowering agents (e.g., statins, fibrates and plant sterols). Medicine does not increase the excretion of bile acid and in the liver does not inhibit cholesterol synthesis (unlike statins). After ingestion medicament is rapidly absorbed. Active substance is also extensively conjugated in the liver and small intestine with the formation of a pharmacologically active phenol glucuronide. People can see the lowest price of Zetia 10mg 180 pills on Internet. Generally people apply the medication under primary hypercholesterolemia (heterozygous familial or non-family) as monotherapy (as an adjunct to diet), in a combination therapy with a statin, as an adjunct to diet (with the ineffectiveness of statin monotherapy), homozygous familial hypercholesteremia, homozygous sitosterolemia. Before the beginning of treatment, the patients should have the appropriate lipid-lowering diet and continue to observe this diet during the entire period of therapy with this product. The medicant is generally taken orally at any time and regardless of the meal. Keep in mind that if medicament is administered with lipid-lowering range of statins class, you must carefully read the package leaflet of the statin. The using of pills during pregnancy is not recommended. In the case of pregnancy medicament’s reception should be discontinued. You must order and then buy Zetia online only after physician’s advices and consultation with him.

Generic name: Ezetimibe
Brand name: Zetia, Ezetrol

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