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Zocor relates to the class of different medicines with evident hypolipidemic action. This medicamental remedy contains a substance which, in the course of hydrolysis is converted in the body into the active compound (beta-hydroxy-acid derivatives). The medication is effective in reducing rates of total cholesterol, in the plasma triglycerides, cholesterol associated lipoproteins with very low density. This medicament is also effective for various types of hyperlipidemia if diet therapy solely is insufficient for the normalization of plasma lipids. The decreasing in the plasma lipid is observed after fourteen days after the treatment was initiated and reaches maximum values at 4-6 weeks of therapy. Continued administration of the result is stored. At the end of the main therapy, values for total cholesterol flame gradually reach the original. This preparation is assigned by people with possible high risk of coronary heart disease, regardless of the level of lipids in the plasma. The risk group includes some persons having diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, including stroke (in history), pathology of peripheral blood flow. Zocor 40mg 90 pills are used in the treatment of patients with hypercholesterolemia and some other negative conditions tied together with this sickness. Adult patients are also appointed in conjunction with a diet with an increased level of total cholesterol, apolipoprotein B, cholesterol and triglycerides. The absolute contraindications to these tablets are personal intolerance, violations of assimilation and metabolism of lactose, acute liver disease, pregnancy, breast-feeding breast milk, age less than 10 years. People should buy Zocor online after specialist’s consultation.

Generic name: Simvastatin
Brand name: Simcardis, Simlup, Simvador, Zocor

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