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Product name: Emla
Dosages: 5g
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Emla presents itself a combination of two local anaesthetic substances which are Prilocaine and Lignocaine. These are the medical matters from the group of locale-specific anesthetic agents of the amide type. It is a locally anesthetized medicament in form of cream. The skin anaesthetization happens owing to the penetration of this cream’s active components to the deep layers of epidermis and dermis. The degree of local anesthesia under the applying of this medication depends from the application time and the main active substances’ dosages. It isn’t observed any changes of system absorption and tolerance of this preparation by the patients of youthful and elderly age (under the condition of this cream putting on the undamaged skin integuments). Emla 5g 5 tubes are chiefly applied for the superficial anesthesia of skin under the punctures implementation, surface surgical operations and also catheterization of some vessels. Also this cream can be allocated for bringing down different painful sensations under the carrying out of mechanical cleaning of extremities’ trophic ulcers. You can also use this medicament for the treatment of shallow anaesthetization of mucous membranes of genital organs under the attainment to the painful manipulations implementation. The remedy isn’t indicated to the patients who have hyperresponsiveness to Prilocaine, Lignocaine, and other local anaesthetic medications of the amide type and also other components of this cream. So you may buy Emla online with help of different internet-drugstores all over the country.

Generic name: Lignocaine, Prilocaine
Brand name: Emla

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