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Indometacin relates to the class of medicamental remedies well-known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory preparations (NSAIDs). It is one of the most active medicaments from this category. The drug is a powerful inhibitor of prostaglandins’ biosynthesis. The medicant possesses by expressed analgesic (anesthetized) activity. The most widespread dosages of this preparation are Indometacin 50mg 120 pills. The remedy is very active anti-inflammatory one which is effective under the rheumatoid arthritis (infectious-allergic sickness from the group of collagenoses characterized by chronic progressing inflammation of injuries), periarthritis (illness of some tissues which surround the articulations), ankylosing spondylitis (illness of vertebral column), degenerative arthritis (diseases of articulations), podagra, inflammatory illnesses of connecting tissue, bones-muscular system, thrombophlebitis and some other sicknesses accompanied by different inflammations. The preparation is also used under the pains in spinal column, neuralgia, myalgia (ache in muscles), traumatic inflammation of soft tissues and locomotor apparatus, diffusive sicknesses of connecting tissues, infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT-organs, algomenorrhea (painful menstruation), prostatitis, cystitis and many others. The patients often buy Indometacin online through internet as the most popular and easiest way of buying pain relief medicines nowadays.

Generic name: Indometacin
Brand name: Slo-Indo, Rimacid, Rheumacin, Pardelprin, Indomod, Indomax, Indolar, Flexin Continus, Indocin-SR, Indochron E-R, Inmecin, Indocid, Indocin