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Isoniazid relates to the class of medicaments well-known as antitubercular preparations of the I row (antibiotics). This drug renders a bactericidal action. The medication is very active in relation to outside and inside cellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis first of all in relations to the actively dividing ones. The exact mechanism of its action is unknown. It is supposed that this medicament ties together with suppressing of mycolic acids’ synthesis containing to the structure of mycobacteria’s cellular walls. The indications of Isoniazid 200mg 90 pills for applying are the treatment of active tuberculosis’s all forms including tuberculous meningitis (in structure of combined therapy); some preventive measures of tuberculosis by those persons who are in imminent contact with sick individuals (with tuberculosis); the persons with positive skin reaction (more 5 mm) on the tuberculin and roentgenological data indicated to the not progressing tuberculosis; the children elder than four years with positive reaction on tuberculin (more than 10 mm) and heightened risk of dissemination. This medicant isn’t allocated by physicians for sick persons with epilepsy, convulsive attacks and poliomyelitis in anamnesis, distributions of liver or/and kidneys’ functions, atherosclerosis and some others. Many people with this sickness (tuberculosis) take this preparation successfully for a long time. So you can buy Isoniazid online for treating of this illness in any time you need or have.

Generic name: Isoniazid
Brand name: Isozid, Isonex, Isokin, Laniazid, Tibinil-I, Rimifon, Pycazide, Nydrazid