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Minocycline refers to medicamental class of semisynthetic drugs well-known as tetracycline antibiotics. The main active substance operates bacteriostaticaly. It prevents to the bacteria’s reproduction in quantity and possesses by broad spectrum of antibacterial action. The remedy is active in relations to the different gram-negative bacteria and also various types of gram-positive microorganisms. Minocycline 100mg 60 pills have widespread class of different infectious sicknesses including ornithosis, psittacosis or parrot fever, urethritis (including other infections of urethra, Reiter’s urethro-ocular arthritis, conjunctivitis, trachoma (including other infectious diseases of eyes), venereal lymphogranulomatosis, Hodgkin’s illness, plague, tularemia (including other infectious sicknesses passed to the person from different animals and birds), anthrax, cholera, brucellosis, recurrent fever (relapsing fever or typhus), various infections of skin and soft tissues called by some gram-negative microorganisms and several others. The patients with heightened apprehensibility to the penicillins can apply the presented preparation in view of alternative officinal agent under the gonorrhea, listeriosis (and some other lesions of conglobate gland), actinomycosis and other fungous illnesses and infections called by Clostridium bacterium. The patient usually purchase different antibiotic online pharmacy and they also often buy Minocycline online without any prescriptions.

Generic name: Minocycline hydrochloride
Brand name: Minomycin, Minocin, Myrac, Dynacin, Cynomycin, Solodyn