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Product name: Motrin
Dosages: 200mg 400mg 600mg
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Generic Motrin 400mg + FREE BONUS PILLS
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Motrin belongs to the officinal class of preparations well-known all over the world as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory remedies (NSAIDs). The medicament renders an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and moderate anti-fever action mostly conditioned by suppressing of prostaglandins biosynthesis on the way of inhibition of COG ferment. Ibuprofen is a main active component of this preparation. The most widespread dosages for the whole course of treatment is Motrin 400mg 180 pills. The dug can be generally taken for the medical cure of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthrosis, ankylosing or rheumatoid spondylitis, podagra, neuralgia, myalgia, bursitis, radiculitis, traumatic inflammation of soft tissues and locomotive apparatus, adnexitis and proctitis (in structure of combined therapy), some sickness of ENT-organs or headaches (including migraines) and toothache (as additional remedy for the main therapy with other medicamental agents), and different others. The contra indications include erosive-ulcerous lesions of gastrointestinal tract in phase of sharpening, some distributions of hematogenesis, ulcerative colitis, different illnesses of visual nerve, expressed damages of kidneys and/or liver’s functions, child’s age till six years, heightened susceptibility to the preparation and its components and many others. You may buy Motrin online right now without any prescriptions from your physician.

Generic name: Ibuprofen
Brand name: Motrin, Migrafen, Manorfen, Mandafen, Fenbid, Relcofen, Nurofen, Librofem, Obifen, Galprofen, Brufen, Cuprofen, Ibufem, Ibugesic, Hedex Ibuprofen, Arthrofen, Anadin Ibuprofen, Advil

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