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Product name: Pamelor
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Pamelor covers to the class of medicamental preparations called tricyclic antidepressants or anti depressed drugs with relatively short latent period. The main active matter is Nortiptyline. This substance practically doesn’t possess by sedative effect. But as compared with other tricyclic anti depressing remedies this drug possess by moderate stimulating and also improving the patient’s mood action. This preparation successfully wrestles with some hypochondriacal conditions. The anti depressed effect of this medication is started quickly even in the first weeks of applying. Pamelor 25mg 90 pills can be taken for the treatment of some depressing phase of maniacal-depressed psychosis and some other forms of endogenous depressions (such reactive as neurotic). In combination with other antidepressants this medicant can be employed for medical cure of some other types of depressed conditions and depressions. Together with neuroleptics this medicaments is used for treating of depressions developed during the therapy of schizophrenic psychosis. You can also take this preparation under involutional slumps, depressed-apathetic syndromes on the background of cerebral arteriosclerosis and some others. But there are some absolute contra indications such as cardiac infarction, depressions with troubled-excited syndromes (suicidal attempts) and simultaneous applying of timeretics. The relative special indications are gestation, bread-feeding, preschool age, glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy with urination delay, heavy heart insufficiency, hard hypertension, paralytic impassability of bowels, sharpening of ulcerous sickness and so on. In any case you can buy Pamelor online without any prescriptions.

Generic name: Nortiptyline
Brand name: Pamelor, Sensival, Norventyl, Aventyl

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