Trecator SC refers to the class of medicamental agents well-known as antitubercular preparations of the II row. The main active substance is Ethionamide. The mechanism of its action includes the suppressing of mycobacteria proteins’ synthesis. The medicament always renders the bacteriostatic action on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The main matter strengthens the phagocytosis in nidus of tuberculous inflammation that promotes to its resorption. In process of the medical cure with this medication the tuberculostatic activity of the main substance is brought down. Trecator SC 250mg 120 pills are the dosages for the whole course of treating with this drug. You can purchase this medicant and take it immediately if you have pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis (in case of intolerance or ineffectiveness of other antitubercular medicaments, always in structure of complex tuberculostatic therapy), leprosy or Hansen’s sickness and some other infectious and inflammatory illnesses. But this drug is generally contra indicated under gestation, some distributions of liver and kidneys’ functions, hypersensibility to the main active substance and some others. There are some boundary conditions to this preparation’s applying including diabetes mellitus, epilepsy and many others. Also this medication heightens the risk of neurotoxic effects’ development, especially by those sick persons who have different neurological sicknesses in anamnesis.