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Product name: Xalatan
Dosages: 0.005% 2.5ml
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Xalatan relates to the medicamental class of different ophthalmic preparations for lowering intraocular pressure in people with ocular and therapy of open-angle glaucoma. This remedy improves the outflow of the aqueous humor, which decreases the intraocular pressure, thus preventing the progression of the symptoms of glaucoma (leading to irreversible vision loss – blindness). The medication is generally assigned only to adults and used as a component of combined therapy, as well as a monotherapy. If this medication is assigned to the intake with other ophthalmic means, the local administration of them should be assigned with an interval of at least 5 minutes. The product is mostly allocated for adults 1 drop of 1 time per day in the eye with an increased intraocular. It is recommended that the drug is instilled in the evening hours of the day. Xalatan 2.5ml 3 bottles may be purchased all day. Research has shown that a decrease in the time interval between instillation efficiency lowering intraocular pressure is significantly reduced, so it is recommended not to exceed the prescribed dosage. If instillation is missed, the following one must be performed as usual – only 1 drop. These eyes drops are not recommended in the case of individual hypersensitiveness to any component, as well as for the treatment of children. After application preparation may cause transient increased symptoms of eye irritation, which may manifest in the form of tearing, light tingling or burning sensation, redness of the eyes, transient disorders of visual acuity, corneal edema, or age. In order to buy Xalatan online you need to pass the necessary examination in hospital and take a consultation with your physician.

Generic name: Latanoprost
Brand name: Xalatan

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