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Product name: Zyvox
Dosages: 600mg
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Zyvox is antimicrobial agent which belongs to oxazolidinones class. The mechanism of action is the selective inhibition of protein synthesis in bacteria. By binding to the bacterial ribosomes active substance linezolid prevents the forming of a functional initiation complex 70S, which is a component of the translation process in the synthesis of protein. After ingestion remedy is quickly and intensely absorbed from the gastroenteric tract. Pharmacokinetics of antibiotic is unchanged in people with mild to moderate hepatic impairment, and therefore there is no need to adjust the dose. However, taking into account that preparation is metabolized as a result of non-enzymatic process, it can be argued that liver function does not significantly affect the drug’s metabolism of the drug. Patients who are at the beginning of therapy, are appointed the medication intravenously, in the future can be transferred to any dosage form for oral administration of the drug, and the titration is not required, because bioavailability of medicament’s intake is almost 100%. Zyvox 600 mg 60 pills may be found with low cost online. The duration of treatment depends on the causative agent, the severity and localization of the infection and the clinical effect. Indications are pneumonia (including community-acquired and hospital-acquired); infections of skin and soft tissue; enterococcal infections. During the period of treating is necessary to control the number of platelets and Hb in the blood of humans with an increased bleeding risk, anemia or a history of thrombocytopenia. Drug-store offers to buy Zyvox online at present time.

Generic name: Linezolid
Brand name: Zyvox


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