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Product name: Mobic
Dosages: 7.5mg 15mg
Min price per item: $0.56 per item
Delivery: Worldwide
Shipping methods: International Unregistered Mail: 14-21 days - $9.95; Trackable Courier Service: 5-9 days - $29.95
Shipping cost: $9.95
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Mobic refers to the oxicam medicamental class well-known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory remedies (NSAIDs). The main active matter is Meloxicamum. This ingredient selectively suppresses the isoenzyme of COG-2 and provides the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of this medication. Mobic 15 mg 120 pills are the most widespread dosage and package of this medical remedy. You can apply this preparation for the medical cure as symptomatic medicant for treating of arthrosis sharpening (short-time), chronic polyarthritis (prolonged time), rheumatoid arthritis (for a long period), ankylosing spondylitis or Bechterew’s sickness and many others. This medicament is categorically contra indicated under the gestation, child’s age till fifteen years old, period of breast-feeding, heavy hepatic or renal insufficiency, cerebrovascular bleeding, gastrointestinal haemorrhages; some signs of asthma or nettle rush, angioneurotic edema or polyps in nasal cavity appeared after applying of different other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory remedies, heightened apprehensibility to the main active ingredient or other components of this medication or other NSAIDs including aspirin and acetylsalicinic acid; ulcers in digestive system (especially in period of their sharpening), uncorrecting expressed cardiac insufficiency and different others. Nowadays modern patients prefer the most widespread way to buy Mobic online with helping of our informational internet-portal.

Generic name: Meloxicam
Brand name: Mobic, Mobec, Moxen, Melox, Melonex, Mobicox, Movalis, Melocam, Muvera, Tenaron, Recoxa

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