Glyburide covers to the peroral anti diabetic medicinal agents. This medicament is chiefly used under insulin-independent diabetes of medium gravity with availability of expressed microvascular aftereffects of this illness.

Glucotrol XL

Glucotrol XL belongs to the medical group of hypoglycemic manufactured remedies. This medication is chiefly applied by those patients who have ketosis-resistant diabetes with excess or normal body weight.


Glucophage covers to the peroral hypoglycemic medical drugs. The medicament is mostly employed for the therapy of some patients which have the insular diabetes of the second type (if dietary treatment doesn’t give necessary effect).


Galvus refers to the peroral hypoglycemic preparations. It is mostly applied under pancreatic diabetes of the type II (including this disease under insufficient efficiency of dietotherapy, physical exercises and glycemia control).


Gasex improves the digestion and it possesses by spasmolytic, carminative and acidity neutralized behavior. The medication prevents some superfluous gasification and it is taken as control for the several symptoms of gasification development.


Gestanin belongs to gestagenic agents, stimulates the secretory phase in myometrium and creates the conditions for fertilized egg's development, helps maintain pregnancy, has tocolytic effect. Miscarriage (habitual and threatening), premature delivery (the threat) are the main statements for use.


Geodon is chiefly applied for the medical cure of different psychic symptoms such as schizophrenia, maniacal disturbance, bipolar impairment, sharp psychosis with expressed hallucinatory symptomatology and so on.


Galantamine has different application’s indications such as myasthenia, progressive muscular dystrophy, motional and apprehensible damages under neuritis, polyneuritis, radiculitis and radiculoneuritis, psychogenic and spinal impotence, sharp poliomyelitis (period of reconstruction) and several others.


Gleevec refers to the inhibitors of protein-tirozin-kinaza (antineoplastic agents). The remedy is generally applied under chronic myeloid leukosis (CML) by children and adults the firstly ascertained positive by Philadelphia chromosome (Ph+) and some others.

Gentamicin eye drops

Gentamicin eye drops is an antibiotic of aminoglycosides’ group. The preparation is mostly taken under the infectious sicknesses of eyes such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, iridocyclitis and so on. The remedy is also employed in prevention of infectious complications after injuries and eyes operations.


Gentamicin possesses by the broad spectrum of anti microbal action trampled a quantity of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. The medicament is widely used under the infections of urinary tracts, respiratory system, surgical infections, skin damages and burn (calling by the stimulants which steadfast to other antibiotics).


Griseofulvin is an anti fungal agent (antibiotic produced by the moldy fungus Penicillium nigricans (griseofulvum)). The medications are taken under the dermatophytosis of the head’s hairy part, sleek skin and nails calling by the apprehensible fungi to this remedy.