Omeprazole has an anti ulcerous and inhibited proton pump’s action. The preparation is applied under ulcerous sickness of stomach and duodenum, reflux-esophagitis, stress ulcers, erosive-ulcerous lesions of duodenum and stomach tied together with applying of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and so on.

Ophthacare Eye Drops

Ophthacare Eye Drops are the natural remedies from eyes tiredness. These drops help to take off the tension from eyes under working on computer, quickly adapt under the brightest light. They possess by disinfectant behavior. The drops are ideal variant for those people who carry contact lenses.


Omnicef refers to the class of medical preparations well- known as cephalosporin antibiotics. The remedy kills the bacteria or staves off their growth. This medication is broadly taken for the medical cure of bacteritic infections in the most different parts of your body.


Ofloxacin belongs to the anti bacterial preparations of the fluoroquinolones’ class. The remedy is taken under the infectious- inflammatory diseases of all systems and organs (ENT-organs, skin and soft tissues, bones and articulations, respiratory tracts, abdominal cavity, kidneys and genital organs).


Ocuflox belongs to the class of medicamental agents well-known as antibiotics. This preparation id successfully allocated indicated for the medical cure of eyes’ different bacterial infections and infectious illnesses.


Optivar eye drops relates to the medical agents (antihistamines) from the category “Anti allergic drugs”. This remedy works by the way of prevention the histamines’ discharge and it also diminishes the symptoms of allergic reactions in eyes.

Ortho TriCyclen

Ortho TriCyclen refers to the contraceptive agents with combined base of three-phase effect for the inward application with gestagen and estrogen’s low content. This preparation is mostly employed under the prevention arrangements of gestation, renewal of menstrual cycle and improvement of female hormone background.