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Strattera covers to the sympathomimetic agents with central actions. The remedy is also inhibitor of the noradrenalin’s presynaptic carriers. The main active matter is Atomoxetine. The substance presents oneself the highly selective powerful retarding agent of noradrenalin’s prejunctional transporters. It isn’t the amphetamine’s derivative. Strattera possesses the minimal affinity to other noradrenergic receptors or other carriers and receptors of neurotransmitters. The preparation doesn’t refer to the psycho stimulants. In clinical researches under the drug’s abolition there aren’t observed the intensification of sickness’s symptoms or other undesirable happening connected with abrogation’s syndrome. The broad applying realized form of preparation is Strattera 10mg 180 pills. Under the medicant’s applying one time per day there are demonstrated statistically more meaningful lowering of symptoms ADHD’s difficulty as compared with placebo. The active matter doesn’t aggravate the tics by the patients with  ADHD and accompanying motive-powered tic. This is one of the widespread capacity of the medicine’s buying.

Strattera drug’s applying

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of the more frequently meeting illnesses not only by adults but the children elder than six years are exposed to this disease’s appearance. Strattera is used under this disease and some symptoms accompanying the sickness such as:

  • the insufficiency of concentration (in the most cases the concentration of vision and attention);
  • the distractibility (sometimes accompanying with irritability);
  • the excessive impatience (sometimes accompanying with sudden outburst of anger);
  • the impulsivity;
  • the lack of organization;
  • the restlessness (in the general cases it is observed by the children).

Under these symptoms of illness it is necessary to conduct the integrated program of medical cure.

Realizing forms and dosages Strattera

Before the treatment’s beginning the patients have to consult with their physician and read this instruction very attentively. The persons can order Strattera in dosages of 10mg, 18mg, 25mg and 40 mg with several packing. The preparation is applied as single daily dose with or without food in the morning. In case of undesirable effects’ appearance the applying of medicine can be increases to the two tines’ daily norm. Under the preparation’s override it isn’t needed the dosage’s gradual lowering. The children and teenagers (not younger than six years) with mass of body to 70 kg can use Strattera in dose of 0,5 mg/kg, which can be increased to the 1,2 mg/kg not earlier than after three days. If the body’s weight more than 70 kg the advisable daily dosage is 40 mg which can be increased to the 80 mg not earlier than after three days. The maximal daily norm is 120 mg (in two applying). The recommended supporting dose is 80 mg. The initial and supporting norm by patients with moderate damages of liver’s functions is brought down on 50%. The initial and supporting norm by patients with heavy disturbances of liver’s functions is brought down on 25%.

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Nonoperating effects Strattera pills

Under the Strattera’s taking it is observed some side actions such as abdominal pain (children and teenagers), lowering of appetite (sometimes lowering of body’s weight), nausea, emesis (especially during the first month of medical therapy), the rise of pressure, giddiness, drowsiness, irritability, emotional instability, mydriasis, sinus tachycardia, dermatitis, itch, rash, anorexia nervosa, constipation, allergic reactions (skin eruption, angioneurotic edema, urticaria), fatigability and sometimes influenza. The treatment has to occur under the physician’s observation which has the work’s experience with patients who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.



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