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Product name: Suprax
Dosages: 200mg 100mg
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Generic Suprax 100mg + FREE BONUS PILLS
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Suprax relates to the first antibiotic cephalosporin 3 generation, which can be taken orally. It is based on cefixime and possesses a broad spectrum of activity. The bactericidal mechanism of remedy’s action is realized by inhibiting the main component formation of the cell wall of pathogens. Unlike previous generations of analogs preparation is resistant to beta-lactamases (enzymes, bacteria that destroy the antibiotic, whereby its effect becomes ineffective). According to the instructions medication depresses livelihoods of Gram-positive (various streptococci), Gram-negative bacterias. You should know that you can find the low price Suprax 200 mg 60 pills in online pharmacy. The bioavailability of the antibiotic is 40 – 50%, food intake is not reduced it (as with other oral cephalosporins), and only slightly elongates the time to reach maximum blood content. Among all the previous generations analogues of medicament for oral intake it has the greatest half-life, due to this medication can be taken one time a day, which is very convenient, for example, for young children. According to the instructions the remedy is intended to treat various infections caused by microorganisms susceptible to cefixime as sinusitis, otitis media, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillopharyngitis, urogenital infections like cystitis, pyelonephritis, uncomplicated gonorrheal urethritis and cervicitis. Preparation has a significant advantage in relation to their peers – it can be assigned to cure infection caused by quite aggressive pathogens in the outpatient setting. People may buy Suprax online every day.

Generic name: Cefixime
Brand name: Suprax

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