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Tindamax relates to antiprotozoal and antibacterial agents. The medication suppresses the development of Trichomonasvaginalis (kind of elementary / single-celled/organisms, parasites in the human urogenital, transmitted as usually sexual), Entamoebahistolitica (species of amoebae – elementary / unicellular / organisms – caused an infectious disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the large intestine to forming of ulcers) and lamblia. Taken orally medicament is rapidly absorbed, and owing to the high lipophilicity (affinity to fats) easily penetrates the trichomonas (single-celled parasites). The drug accumulates in the blood and is slowly excreted by the kidneys due to reabsorption in the renal tubules. Tindamax 500 mg 90 pills are possible to purchase with good price online nowadays. Patients are usually prescribed the medicine under acute and chronic trichomoniasis (a disease of the urogenital area, caused by Trichomonas) in females and males, giardiasis (a disease of small bowel caused by Giardia). The remedy is used for the prevention of postoperative infectious complications caused by anaerobes. Receiving adverse reactions of CNS preparation should be discontinued. In the treatment people should abstain from alcohol because of the possible antabuse reactions development. It causes the dark coloration of urine. Dosing regimen is assigned individually depending on the illness. Means is contraindicated for use in 1st trimester of pregnancy. At present time many sick patients may buy Tindamax online without any prescriptions and other documents.

Generic name: Tinidazole
Brand name: Tinamide, Tindamax