Bentyl belongs to the anticholinergic drugs blocked chiefly the peripheral cholinoreactive systems. These medicines are taken under intestinal, nephric and choleric colic, dysmenorrhea, menorrhalgia and syndrome of exasperated bowel.


Bael has an antiviral, anthelminthic and anti-inflammatory behavior. The medication opposes to some viral sicknesses of gastrointestinal tract and it mainly applied under diarrhea, dysentery and maldigestion because the remedy possesses by digestion improving and carminative behavior.

Betagan Eye Drops

Betagan Eye Drops belongs to the beta-blockers. They are mostly taken separately or in combination with other officinal preparations for cure of high intraocular pressure developed in consequence of glaucoma or other eyes sicknesses (for example, ophthalmic hypertension). These drops shorten liquid quantity developed in eyes.


Biosuganril (Serratiopeptidase) is the enzyme with proteolytic activity. Using the preparation is also noted with a pronounced anti-edema effect. Biosuganril is applied in various fields of medicine, including application in surgery as fractures, dislocations, sprains, edema of various etiologies, prophylaxis of transplant rejection, application in plastic surgery as improving microcirculation to prevent transplant rejection, in ENT practice -otitis media, sinusitis and in dermatology -acute dermatitis.


Betapace is medicine having antianginal, antiarrhythmic, hypotensive action, has a double effect as a nonselective beta-blocker. Indications are ventricular arrhythmias as refractory shapes, atrial fibrillation, tachycardia.


Benicar belongs to angiotensins receptor blockers. Main indications for drug’s application are essential hypertension.


Biaxin covers to the big class of macrolide antibiotics. The preparation fights with bacteria in individual’s organism. The medicant is used under the several types of bacterial infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, tonsillitis, skin contagions and bacterial gastric ulcer.

Bactroban Generic

Bactroban refers to the anti microbal medical antibiotic drugs for the local application. The ointment is applied in view of local therapy’s remedy for the treatment of patients suffering with bacterial infections of skin and soft tissues including the secondary infected wounds, folliculitis, impetigo and furunculosis.


Buspar covers to the pharmacological group of faint tranquilizers. It is used mainly for the treatment of the alarm conditions, nervous


Bromazepam belongs to anxiolytics. The main medicant’s statement is neuroses, psychopathy (accompanied by phobias, anxiety, emotional stress, anxiety), insomnia, respiratory system (hyperventilation, shortness of breath), gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, psychogenic headache, dermatitis, accompanied by itching and irritability.


Brahmi is great rejuvenator in ayurvedic medicine and the primary means for promoting and strengthening of nerve and also brain cells. Preparations improves memory, increases longevity, slows down aging and gives strength in old age, strengthens immune system, cleansing and nourishing it.


Benadryl refers to antihistamine. Remedy is taken under cough in chronic and acute bronchitis, whooping cough, bronchitis smoker, influenza and acute respiratory diseases.


Bactrim is a combined antimicrobial antibiotics medication. The duration of therapeutic effect is seven hours. The remedy is mostly applied under the infectious illnesses of respiratory, urino-genital and gastrointestinal tract, and also under some other bacterial infections calling by the different types of microorganisms.