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Product name: Xifaxan
Dosages: 200mg 400mg
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Xifaxan covers to the medical agents well-known as antibiotics with action’s broad spectrum from the group of ansamicins. The main active substance is Rifaximin mainly applied for the treatment of intestinal infections. This preparation is very active against several gram-positive (salmonella, shigella, Friedlander’s bacillus, proteus, yersinia, enterobacteria and some others) and gram-negative bacteria (streptococcus, enterococcus, staphylococcus, clostridia, peptostreptococcus). Under the using inward this dug practically isn’t absorbed in blood that’s why it creates the highest concentrations of active matter in clear space of bowels. Xifaxan 400mg 90 pills suppress the pathogenic intestinal flora, destroy the bacteria in diverticula (saccule visible formations), a portion of the large intestine, so bringing down the inflammation under the diverticular disease. The main matter also lowers the formations by bacteria of toxic commissures that prevents the development of hepatic encephalopathy under the liver’s lesions. The preparation is chiefly taken under the acute intestinal infections called by some bacteria which are very apprehensible to this remedy including diarrhea of travelers, chronic colitis, and diverticular disease of colon, hepatic encephalopathy and other. This medical agent is also employed under the syndrome of redundant growth of bacteria in bowels. As preventive measure this medication is taken under the surgical operations on the large intestine and rectum. Buy Xifaxan online at the lowest price with help of our informational service.

Generic name: Rifaximin
Brand name: Xifaxan, Rifacol, Colidur, Normix, Zaxine, Spiraxin.


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