Xalatan is a medical preparation used for the medical cure of glaucoma (serious sickness of eyes). Glaucoma is a steadfast raising of intraocular pressure. The remedy is also taken for the treatment of glaucoma under heightened intraocular pressure and open-angle form of this illness.


Xenical is the medicament for treating of obesity - an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases. Application is long-term therapy of people with obesity or patients who are overweight, including associated with obesity risk factors, combined with calorie moderate diet.


Xtane is generally intended by female persons under the breast cancer in post menopause (natural or induced) progressing on the background of therapy by antiestrogens, nonsteroidal inhibitors of aromatase or progestins.


Xifaxan belongs to the synthetical antibiotics. These medicines are successfully employed for the medical cure of traveler’s diarrhea which is mainly caused by certain bacteria such by adults as by children with age more than twelve years old.

Xanax® (Brand)

Xanax® Brand is an anxiolytic remedy (tranquilizer) from the benzodiazepine’s class with middle duration action. The remedy is applied under


Xyzal covers to the anti histamine medicaments. This medicant is applied under the symptoms relating to allergy (whole-year and seasonal) including runny nose, sneezing, itching and so on.


Xopenex refers to the special medical preparations called the bronchodilators. These medicines are taken for the therapy or preventive measures of different bronchospasm (airways’ narrowing) invoked by COPD or asthma.

Xanax (Generic)

Xanax (Generic) belongs to the triazol-benzodiazepine preparations. The remedy renders the calming action. The medication decreases anxiety, the sense of alarm, fear and tension. It is marked the medicament’s anti depressed effect. This drugs also possess with central muscle relaxing and moderate soporific activity.