Miglitol is a competitive inhibitor of alpha-glycosidase. This medical drug is chiefly applied for the treatment of ketosis-resistant (insulin-independent) diabetes (including monotherapy) and diabetic ketoacidosis.


Meshashringi is an ayurvedic medicinal remedy which is very effective one for normalization of sugar level in blood. There are some various indications such as lowering of LDL (bad cholesterol) level, improving of digestion, removing of costiveness, appetite lowering, the treatment of cataract, some liver diseases and so on.


Misoprostol is assigned by physicians for prevention of gastric ulcer development tied together with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents’ applying by those patients who have heightened risk of ulcer formation. The drug is also taken for the treatment of duodenum’s ulcerous illness.


Meridia Sibutramine (Slimex) refers to antidepressant group of anorexigenic drugs or controls of appetite, decreasing the desire to take a meal. Remedy is used as maintenance therapy in people with alimentary obesity.


Maxalt has antimigraine action and is usually applied for relief of migraine attacks with or possible without aura. Do not use in people with hemiplegic or possible basilar migraine with atypical for migraine headaches. It should be taken only in patients with established diagnosis of migraine.


Mysoline refers to the antiepileptic medical preparations. It is generally applied under the epilepsy (large convulsive attacks, focal seizures, muscle twitches and akinetic episodes and also psychomotor epilepsy).


Mirapex is an anti parkinsonian medication which is a stimulator of dopaminergic transmission in central nervous system. The indication is symptomatic treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease (such monotherapy as in combination with other medicaments).


Mellaril is the strongest neuroleptic. The remedy is chiefly applied under schizophrenia, maniacal-depressed psychosis, abstinent syndrome (toxicomania, alcoholism), moderate and the heaviest depression by adults, psychotic disorders accompanied by hyperreactivity and excitation and different others.


Motilium is a stimulator of intestinal peristalsis possessed by antiemetic effect. The remedy is mostly taken under nausea and vomiting of infectious, organic or functional character and also associated with some disarrays of diet (regurgitation syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux and other changes of stomach motor activity by children).


Mestinon refers to the anticholinesterase drugs or cholinesterase inhibitors. The indications are myasthenia, myasthenic syndrome, postoperative bowels atony, atonic constipations, atony of urinary bladder, posttraumatic impellent derangements, flaccid paralysis, residual occurrences of poliomyelitis, encephalitis and so on.


Meclizine is an anticholinergic drug. It works by the way of blocking some chemical messengers in brain that helps to lessen and stave off vomiting. The remedy is chiefly taken for prevention and treatment of nausea, retching and dizziness called with sea sickness or some problems with internal ear.


Methotrexate is an antitumoral medical preparation. These medicines are generally taken for monotherapy of breast cancer, choriocarcinoma, trophoblastoma and other trophoblastic tumors and sicknesses.


Minipress is a peripheric vasodilator which blocks the post synaptic alpha1- adrenoreceptors and prevents the vasoconstrictive influence of catecholamines. The remedy is employed under the arterial hypertension, Raynaud's illness, hyperplasia of prostate gland and some others.


Micardis covers to the antagonists of angiotonin II receptors. The remedy is used under the arterial hypertensia, for lowering of cardiovascular sickness rate and mortality by patients in age of fifty-five and elder with high risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

Morning After pill

Morning after pill covers to the contraceptives. The medication is mainly used by the women for undesirable gestation. It isn’t applied as safeguard from AIDS, venereal illnesses (including fungi) and herpes.


Myambutol covers to the class of medicaments well-known as antitubercular preparations. These medicines are chiefly used for treating of the pulmonary tuberculosis often in combined therapy with other anti tuberculosis drugs.


Minocycline is a semisynthetic antibiotic from the class of tetracyclines. The prejudicial evidences for the application are bacterial infections calling by the perceptible microorganisms to this preparation (respiratory tract’s infections, infectious-allergic diseases, some venereal sicknesses and other infectious damages).


Minocin relates to the antibiotics from the tetracyclines’ class. The medical preparation is mainly employed for treating of several bacterial infections and infectious sicknesses such as meningococcal carrier state, anthrax, nongonococcal urethritis, moderate-to-severe acne, gonorrhea and so on.

Metronidazole gel

Metronidazole gel refers to the antimicrobial and antiprotozoal medical agents and it is the derivation of 5-nitromidazole. The medicant is employed under the protozoal infections, contagions calling by some strains, bones and articulations’ infections and so on. The preparation is also applied under the gastritis or duodenal ulcer and prevention of postprocedure complication.

Metrogyl DG

Metrogyl is a dental gel successfully applied for the medical cure of different mouth bacterial infections including periodontal infections, gingivitis, mouth ulcer or aphthous ulcer and various other infectious sicknesses.

Meronem IV

Meronem belongs to the injectable antibiotics with broad spectrum of their actions. These medicines are chiefly taken for treating of different infectious diseases such as septicaemia, bacterial meningitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and many others.


Mefloquine belongs to the antiprotozoal and antimalarial medical drugs. The medication has an effective action under the all forms of malaria including the strains Plasmodium falciparum which are very steadfast to the Chloroquine and other medicaments. But some strains possess by natural steadiness to this remedy.


Maxaquin refers to the class of medicamental remedies well-known as antibiotics from the fluoroquinolone group. These medicines are used for the medical cure of uncomplicated and complicated urinary tract’s contagions, cystitis, pyelonephritis, acute and chronic bronchitis, different urethral gonococcal infections and so on.


Macrobid covers to the anti bacterial medicaments and it is a derivation of nitrofurans (uroantiseptic). The medication is used under the infectious- phlogistic sicknesses of the urinary tracts (including pyelonephritis and cystitis) calling by the perceptible to the nitrofurantoin (active main matter) microorganisms.


Melatonin renders the sedative, adaptogenic and soporific actions. The remedy is used under the damage of normal circadian rhythm (desynchronize) owing to quick movement between time zones of the Earth showed by high fatigability. It is also taken under the sleep disorders (including old patients), depressing conditions having seasonal character.


Medrol covers to the big class of corticosteroids. The remedy is employed for treatment of many immune and allergic damages including lupus, asthma, Crohn’s sickness, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and arthritis.


Motrin belongs to NSAIDs. Indications are rheumatoid, juvenile chronic arthritis, neuralgic amyotrophy, ankylosing spondylitis, myalgia, arthralgia, ossalgiya, migraine, sciatica, headache (including with menstrual syndrome), and toothache, psoriatic arthritis, in oncology, tendonitis, neurology, tenosynovitis, neuralgic amyotrophy, bursitis, inflammatory process in the pelvis, including adnexitis, algomenorrhea.


Mobic refers to oxycam's range, non-steroidal and also anti-inflammatory agent’s group. Medical preparation is taken as a symptomatic cure in therapy of exacerbations of osteoarthritis (short-term), chronic polyarthritis (long time), rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis.